April 2020 - Magic

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  1. No matter what your hand turns out to be, you will always get to the same answer!
  2. Each hand will equal 34 when added together.

The Locked Chest

  1. Place each disc over the ring until the revealed letters spell a word when read clockwise.
  2. Order the resulting words based on the number of dots on the discs.
  3. What is the final three word clue referring to? Google the phrase if you aren’t sure.

Saw That Coming

  1. Each Top word will match with a Bottom word to make a new word.
  2. The audience only likes balanced words – which could those be?
  3. Focus on the words whose top and bottom halves are the same length.
  4. Extract the first letter from the balanced words and unscramble.

Power Grid

  1. Fill in the grid with the numbers 1-5 so that each digit shows up exactly once in each row and column. The small numbers in some squares tells you the sum of the numbers in orthogonally-adjacent squares.
  2. Try to start with the corner cells. Also, figure out what numbers have to go around the 17-sum square.
  3. Once the numbers are filled in, you will extract your answer from the groups of letters in the list of words.
  4. Read the last stanza. What pattern stands out? What could it be referring to?
  5. Extract the letters that are in the same place as the fours in the grid.

Missing Links

  1. The words in each ring will be read clockwise. Each shaded cell is the first and last letter of some word.
  2. Follow the instructions in the extracted phrase.
  3. Each ring intersects two neighboring rings in three letters.
  4. Chain together these four three-letter strings in the same way that the rest of the words in the puzzle are linked – the first and last letters overlap.
  5. Look for the name of a famous inventor in the chain.

Meta: Tricks of the Trade

  1. Read “alternate” as a verb and apply it to the previous four answers.
  2. If you follow the instructions correctly, the two words made out of the cards are forced.
  3. What do you call someone who tries to turn lead into gold?

Bonus - Paper Trail

  1. You’re going to have to fold the square somehow.
  2. Focus on the words “corner” and “center”.
  3. Fold each corner to the center of the back of the square so that all of the Morse symbols align.
  4. Read the Morse starting from the arrow, two letters per intersection, top-to-bottom.